Paper towels won't save Puerto Rico, but a debt deal might


National Post, 5 October 2017

There is a longstanding moral principle that debts ought not to drive a person, family or business to destitution. The same applies to a country

Sovereign debt is dull television compared with a president lobbing paper towels into a crowd, but the former is rather more important to Puerto Rico, and the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria might offer an opportunity to do something about it.

President Donald Trump, who brings his own tropical storm with him wherever he goes, touched down in Puerto Rico on Tuesday to survey the recovery efforts, to offer encouragement to those afflicted and to celebrate the marvelousness that is Hurricane Donald wherever it blows.

And just as the storm surge accompanies the storm, all the voices that bewail the outrageousness of Donald Trump were indeed outraged, from the all-day all-splutter of the cable networks to the all-night all-snark of the late night comedians.

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