Mockery and Majesty


Convivium, 9 November 2017

Convivium editor in chief Father Raymond J. de Souza reflects on the new Governor General's recent remarks to the Canadian Science Policy Convention, outlining the connection between faith and science, and the importance of kindness and care for those around us. 

The new Governor General made rather a mess of her speech to the Canadian Science Policy Convention, less than a month into her service as Canadian vice-regal representative of Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God of Canada, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

Julie Payette’s mocking of those who don’t believe in climate change, but do believe that God has a role in the origins of human life, has been widely derided, and justly so.

My friend Rex Murphy in the National Post demonstrated that Her Excellency is guilty of both poor manners and soaring arrogance, never a pleasing combination in a public figure.

Over at The Globe and Mail, the impeccably liberal John Ibbitson opined that the Governor General’s “transgression is more serious than some suppose.”

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