Breitbart Today. Baptists Tomorrow?


Convivium, 16 March 2017

What is the relationship between morality and commerce? Editor-in-Chief Father Raymond de Souza on Shopify, Breitbart, free speech, and the importance of standards.

Shopify, for those who don’t know – and I would have been among them until recently – is a site that lets merchants sell their wares online. It is a major Canadian tech success story. If you go to its site, you will be invited to “join more than 377,500 ambitious people who have sold $29 billion (in products) using Shopify.”

Not everybody is happy about the website Breitbart being one of those vendors. Breitbart is routinely described as a “far-right” operation, and that is often the kindest description. I don’t frequent Shopify and I don’t frequent Breitbart, but I do know that many liberals find the latter beyond the pale, especially since one of its founders, Steve Bannon, now serves as a senior adviser to President Donald Trump.

For that reason, thousands of people have joined e-petitions to get Shopify to stop Breitbart from selling its T-shirts, posters and other merchandise on the site.

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