Time To End The Weekend


Convivium, 20 April 2017

Even the French are now confortable saying le weekend, but for Convivium’s editor-in-chief the “w” word itself is the beginning of the end.

Did you have a good Easter weekend? If so, it wasn’t Christian.

I don’t mean Easter. Certainly, that is emphatically Christian. I mean the weekend.

The concept of “weekend” is not a Christian one, but its complete cultural adoption by Christians has weakened a key pillar of discipleship – keeping the Lord’s Day holy.

Last week both Convivium and our sister publication Commentsent out material speaking of the “Easter weekend.” So we, too, are guilty of what needs to be corrected. Nearly every Catholic parish and diocese across the land speaks of “weekend Masses” – the anticipated Mass on Saturday evening along with the Masses offered on Sunday.

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