Suffering for Life


Convivium, 11 May 2017

Editor in Chief of Convivum Father Raymond J. de Souza reports on the National March for Life that will take place in Ottawa today touching on the meaning of suffering and the importance of upholding the sanctity of life.

Tens of thousands will march in Ottawa today in celebration of human life, proclaiming that all life has value and ought to be protected in law. But the advent of assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia means that life is less protected in law than previously.

The great majority of the marchers will be religious, motivated by their faith to demonstrate in favour of life. Yet one need not be religious to defend life. After all, the “right to life” in the Charter of Rights is not a religious tenet. All formulations of human rights include it.

Yet when it comes to suffering at the end of life, sickness and disability, it does seem that, absent a religious point of view, life appears to lose its value. Hence the advance of assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia.

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