A Conversation with David Johnston


Convivium, 19 May 2017

At the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, Governor-General David Johnston gave profoundly moving remarks about the power of religious faith as exemplified by Queen Elizabeth, and in his own life. We're seeking a transcript for Convivium readers, but for this Victoria Day weekend we're reprising Editor-in-Chief Father Raymond de Souza's 2013 interview with the Queen's representative in Canada. .

On the eve of Pope Francis’ initial Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica, Convivium Editor-in-chief Father Raymond J. de Souza talked with Governor General David Johnston, who was in Rome leading the Canadian delegation. Following is their conversation.

Father Raymond J. de Souza: Your Excellency, obviously there are lots of international presidents, prime ministers and so on who are installed, inau-gurated... You don’t attend all of them. What is the significance of your being here for the inaugural Mass of Pope Francis?

GG David Johnston: Well, it’s very special. I am here with a substantial delegation from Canada, parliamentarians, people representing the Church and people representing a lay interest in the Church. We come as a body. I’m so delighted we come with that strength of representation. I think it reinforces the respect that Canada has had for the role of the Roman Catholic Church over so many centuries. It has been so prominent in so many ways. We come here to Rome, to the Holy See, at a time of renewal, at a time of new beginnings with great hope at the installation of a pope. It’s so appropriate that Canada is represented to witness this and to reinforce the good things that we expect to come from this new papacy.

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