Taking Steps for Life


Convivium, 26 May 2017

In his reflection following this year's March for Life, Fr. Raymond de Souza explores the differences of opinion in the pro-life community: between a gradual versus "all-or-nothing" approach to pro-life legislation.

The March for Life two weeks ago in Ottawa included something of a public acknowledgement of a shift in pro-life strategy.

The annual March for Life is organized by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), which has held for many years a position against what one might call a gradual approach to pro-life legislation. For example, if a bill were to appear to Parliament that would permit abortions up until, say, 20 weeks, but prohibit them afterwards, CLC would advise voting against it, as it would permit in law what is an evil, abortion before 20 weeks.

At the moment, there is no law on abortion, which permits in practice an unlimited abortion license, but a bill which made some restrictions would officially permit some abortions. That is not morally permissible in the view of CLC.

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