Glorious and Free Seminar


Convivium, 28 June 2017, with Edward Burroughs

In the last week of May, 13 young Catholics gathered together at a parish on Wolfe Island for a seven-day seminar on Catholicism in our common life.

In the last week of May I welcomed 13 young Catholics to my parish on Wolfe Island for a seminar on Catholicism in our common life.

Over seven days of formation and fellowship together, these young people inspired me by their commitment to witness to the transcendent dignity and destiny of the human person in every sphere of society, from arts to education, politics to literature.

For years, I have considered organizing a summer seminar in Canada to study the social teachings of the Catholic Church. Twenty-three years ago, my attendance at a similar seminar in Kraków, Poland, broadened my worldview by placing my academic background in economics within the larger moral drama of human freedom, a freedom founded on the human person’s creation in the image and likeness of God. To a certain degree, the story of my priestly vocation would be incomplete if I had not studied Centesimus Annus and befriended Michael Novak, George Weigel and Fr. Richard John Neuhaus at that seminar, as I have recounted elsewhere.

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