Jerusalem fifty years after the Six Day War


Crux, 8 June 2017

In the 50 years since Israel took control of the West Bank in the Six Day War, the Vatican has continued to call for a special “international statute” to protect the special status of Jerusalem. The holy city is just that, holy to all history, and while it can serve as the eternal capital of the Jewish people, it cannot only be that.

The Six Day War, which gave the Arab-Israeli conflict and the wider Middle East its current shape, is an anniversary that is going mostly unmarked this week in the Christian world.

While Jews both in Israel and throughout the diaspora look back on the astonishing victory of fifty years ago through biblical lenses - When the Lord delivered Zion from bondage, it seemed like a dream (Psalm 126) - the local Christians do not regard it as something to be celebrated.

Jerusalem lies at the heart of the religious geopolitics of our time.

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