Anniversary Afterthoughts


Convivium, 10 July 2017

Convivium Editor in Chief Father Raymond J. de Souza reflects on the Canada Day celebrations that unfolded in early July. 

I had the blessing of spending Canada’s 150th anniversary in Ottawa with my Cardus colleagues for various events that were most inspiring.

It capped off six weeks in which I found myself for unrelated – but Providential? – reasons on Canada’s east and west coast. I wrote about that here, in light of Psalm 72 – He shall have dominion from sea to sea.

My editors put a headline on it that spoke of “sea to shining sea” which is not biblical, and not even Canadian. It’s from America the Beautiful. Their seas apparently shine. And their mountain majesties are purple. We are not so flamboyant.

In that spirit, herewith various notes from our days in the national capital for Canada’s sesquicentennial.

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