Oh great, just what aboriginals need: another government ministry


National Post, 30 August 2017

To the bureaucratic mindset, the answer to a stubborn problem is always another bureau. Productivity is lacking? Establish a minister of innovation. Fitness is flagging? A minster for sport

The latest new beginning on the aboriginal file was announced this week in Ottawa. The much-derided department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada will be split in two: Indigenous Services will attend to the delivery of government programs, while Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs will focus on the broad relationship.

If you are the sort to think that more government attention is what Canada’s Indigenous people need, perhaps you would welcome the move. Alternately, you might think this latest move, in the context of Canada’s 150th anniversary “celebrations”, marks the end of any reasonable hope for aboriginal advancement, perhaps for a generation.

The new approach is that Indigenous Services will continue the usual bang-up job the government does of managing the billions the federal government spends on status Indians for welfare, child services, schools, housing, safe water and health care.

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