Trump administration bears all the markers of professional wrestling and reality TV


National Post, 8 August 2017

The drama in Trump's administration is like top-notch wrestling and reality TV screenwriting. The only Trumpian twist that's missing is the president showing up to sneer “You’re fired” in person

As President Donald Trump heads for vacation at his New Jersey golf course, he is supposedly fleeing a very bad month, with chaos reigning and shocking developments occurring by the day. Trump, though, might well think he’s had a very good few weeks.

After all this time, many people still widely mistake Trump as being in Washington to govern. Trump is in Washington as the crowning achievement of his lifetime project, which is to be the centre of attention in America’s corrupted culture.

Trump did not come to Washington to implement a particular set of policies or advance a coherent philosophical agenda. He ran for president and unexpectedly landed in the White House as a cultural avatar. Trump knows American popular culture better than most, which is why he has occupied a central place in it for more than three decades, an astonishing achievement, such as it is.

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