Trudeau's love of dictatorships is showing again at home


National Post, 17 January 2018

It’s a harsh word, but “totalitarian” is the mot juste to describe governments that use their power to enforce ideological agreement with the leader

The prime minister was humiliated on his trade mission to China last month when his trade proposals were summarily dismissed and he was sent packing. Yet the time was not wasted, as it appears that Justin Trudeau learned something about totalitarian politics while in Beijing.

It’s a harsh word, but “totalitarian” is the mot juste to describe governments that use their power — and public resources — to enforce ideological agreement with the maximum leader. That is exactly what the federal Liberals are doing in imposing an ideological test and coerced speech upon the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

The jobs program provides subsidies to non-profit groups, small businesses and public-sector employers to hire summer students. It’s not a small program; some 70,000 summer jobs depend upon it. If your child goes to a summer camp organized by a church or non-profit, the camp counsellors likely use the program. If an elderly couple hires a student landscaping business to mow their lawn, the teenager who cuts the grass is likely funded by the program. If your city parks and recreation department runs a day camp for underprivileged kids, it likely uses the program.

But now, in order to qualify, the federal department of employment demands that the “organization’s core mandate respect … the right to access safe and legal abortions … and the rights of gender-diverse and transgender Canadians.” If you refuse the loyalty oath to Liberal party policy, you can’t apply.

Last year the federal Liberals denied the applications of several pro-life groups because, well, the Liberal party bans pro-life Canadians for running for office under its banner and concluded that if you can’t be a good Liberal then obviously you should be disqualified from public programs.

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