Rosica pulls back curtain on ‘a new dictatorship’


Catholic Register, 3 April 2018

Fr. Thomas Rosica, CEO of Salt & Light Catholic Media Foundation, published a blistering assessment of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the pages of a Jesuit magazine, identifying in practice what Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger memorably called the “dictatorship of relativism.”

Rosica makes the case that Justin Trudeau is that dictator.

Writing for the April 2 issue of America Magazine, Rosica addressed Trudeau’s position on the Canada Summer Jobs “attestation.”

“We will not be bullied into the appearance of collusion on this most divisive issue,” Rosica wrote. “We cannot simply ‘check the box’ and get on with life in order to benefit from the grants. By firmly saying no to Mr. Trudeau and his cohort, we also say no to any attempt to infringe on the freedoms of conscience and religion, of thought and belief, and of opinion and expression, as guaranteed by the Charter itself.

“Mr. Trudeau and his colleagues have lost their moorings,” Rosica continued. “They tout their liberal doctrine of diversity but in reality are agents of a new dictatorship of imposed ideologies.”

Strong words, condemning a Liberal prime minister for being an ideological dictator. And to do so in America, an internationally read Catholic periodical of the theological and political left, adds to the sting. 

Strong words, but true. 

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