Sisters of Life and Catholic Christian Outreach celebrate decade of service


Catholic Register, 30 October 2017

Anniversaries of importance for the universal Church have abounded this year — 500 years since the Reformation, 100 years since Fatima, 25 years since the Catechism of the Catholic Church. For me though, two more modest anniversaries — 10 years — were celebrated this past fortnight.

On Oct. 18 in Kingston we celebrated 10 years of the ministry of Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) in Kingston. And on Oct. 21 at St. Peter’s at Bathurst and Bloor in Toronto, the Sisters of Life (SV, Sorores Vitae) had a special holy hour — two hours, actually — to mark their 10 years in Canada.

The anniversaries are not of global importance, but they are most important in the Church in Canada. CCO’s evangelical work on campus is one of the brightest lights of the Church in Canada, which is why I am delighted to have them work with me at Queen’s University and to serve on its national board of directors.

As for the Sisters of Life, everyone who meets them thinks that they just might be the most marvellous thing in the Church, bringing the joyful face of religious life to those parts of the culture that are most in need of God’s light. My own sister, Sr. John Mary, joined the SVs in 2005 and since 2013 has been at the convent and mission in Toronto. My priestly life, therefore, has been immeasurably enriched by both CCO and the SVs.

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