The Clintons' End Times


Convivium, 23 November 2017

As the Clintons become the face of a critical moment of cultural change "reckoning, recriminations, even revenge, is in the air," says Convivium editor in chief Fr. Raymond J. de Souza. Now, more than ever, he urges, should the virtues of repentance and reconciliation serve as the hallmarks of the age to come. 

Last Saturday in Little Rock, Arkansas, at the President William J. Clinton Presidential Library, Bill and Hillary held a soiree with several hundred of their friends and admirers to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bill’s 1992 election victory. On the 24th anniversary of the election, five days before the 2016 presidential election, the plan would have been to celebrate the 25th anniversary in the White House, or perhaps to have President Hillary Clinton fly down to Little Rock on Air Force One.

It was not to be.

The Clintons in Little Rock marked the first anniversary of Hillary’s embarrassing loss. They expected that. What they did not expect was that the muted Little Rock fete marked the final end of the Clinton era. There will be no 30th anniversary party, no future addresses by the Clintons to the Democratic National Convention, no beloved elder statescouple role for them. Amidst the subdued festivities in Little Rock, the Clintons began their transition to the status of personae non gratae.

Revelations of previously hidden sexual harassment, assault and rape have felled one titan after another in America’s culture of celebrity and politics. The biggest titan of all is Bill Clinton himself. His sexual harassment, assault and rape were not hidden, but alleged long ago. And the liberal establishment, beginning with Hillary, stood by him, trashing the women who were his victims. The 1992 Clinton campaign gave us the term “bimbo eruptions,” which is how Clinton’s staff spoke about inconvenient revelations of Bill’s sexual predation. That part was left out of Saturday’s anniversary reminiscences.

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