The Queen and her prince keep royal traditions alive


Catholic Register, 23 November 2017

In a democratic age, we need to be reminded that the governing image of Christ Jesus is kingship, a biblical image of deep resonance.

The feast of Christ the King is such a reminder, that to govern is a sacrificial duty for the good of those governed. The feast itself was instituted in 1925 when the age of kings was passing away — the Russian Tsar, the German Kaiser, the Austrian Emperor and the Ottoman Sultan had all fallen in the decade previous.

The British monarchy survived the 20th century, though the Greek monarchy fell. All of that comes to mind as this week Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

Marriage is another great biblical image for God’s love for His people. So numerous have been the longevity milestones of the Queen that she and her husband opted for a private celebration. Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, retired this past fall from public events at the age of 96 after a lifetime of service that included more than 22,000 official engagements.

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