Pope’s almoner reflects distinctive difference Francis has made


Crux, 10 March 2017

It’s possible to consider that after the great Christian witness (martyria) of our time, St. John Paul II, and the profound teacher of the right worship of God (leitourgia), Benedict XVI, we now have a pope whose heart is manifestly open to the suffering through the practical ministry of charity (diakonia).

Just before Lent, Pope Francis gave an interview to a Caritas magazine for the homeless in Milan where he advised Catholics to always give money to those begging in the streets, without worrying about what it might be spent on.

To those who might look askance at alcohol bought by a beggar, the Holy Father observes that a glass of wine might be the only moment of happiness in that day.

As we head toward Pope Francis’s fourth anniversary next week, there will be plenty of columns on the highs and lows of the pontificate to date. Perhaps a personal reflection might be indulged.

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