St. Francis Xavier and Friendship for Mission

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Convivium, 11 January 2018

Convivium editor in chief Father Raymond J. de Souza reports on the cross Canada piligrimage of the relic of St. Francis Xavier. Learn more about the legacy of faith and friendship that St. Francis Xavier imparts to us all. 

There is a large religious news story unfolding across the land, and it is being covered well by the regular mainstream news. A miracle? Not really, but it is about a miraculous relic.

The forearm and hand of St. Francis Xavier, the 16th-century Jesuit missionary, is currently visiting Catholic sites across the nation. It has been out east, was with us in Kingston this week, and will be in Toronto from Friday to Sunday, before heading west.

You can read about it in the exemplary National Post.

Or if you prefer the state broadcaster on radio, or on video

I had my say in the Catholic press here.

As well in the National Post

The pilgrimage of the relic is being sponsored by Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO), Canada’s national campus missionary movement, with which I have worked closely for more than a decade. My colleague Andrew Bennett spent part of Christmas with CCO, and related his happy experience.

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